Aaron Teasdale

I'm an outdoor, travel, and conservation writer and photographer on a quest to explore the world, find the meaning of life, and avoid getting lost for more than two days at a time. I write, photograph, and capture video for a variety of publications and scientific and creative projects worldwide.

A hands-in-the-dirt storyteller, I find the untrodden places—the ones with dead-end roads, off-the-grid eccentrics, and toothy creatures that push me down the food chain—and dive in, pen and camera in hand.

When I grow restive with the constraints of Western civilization, I abandon it. One winter that meant working as a skiing carnivore tracker in a remote corner of Montana, living with my wife and two young boys in a homestead cabin without electricity, phone, or running water. Years later we hooked up a trailer bike to a tandem mountain bike, the Teasdale Train, and rode through the wilds with our boys and camping gear for six weeks to Banff. Most recently, we took the kids out of school for a year and decamped to the wildest corners of Central America. Someday I'll finish my book on that.

My spirited travel and adventure stories earned me the Lowell Thomas 2016 Travel Writer of the Year award from the Society of American Travel Writers, considered the Pulitzer of travel. Previous Lowell Thomas Awards include a 2012 Bronze Award for Travel Writer of the Year and recent plaques for best Investigative Reporting, Adventure Travel, and Environmental Travel stories of the year. My photography regularly appears in feature stories and on covers of publications worldwide. 

Thanks for stopping by. This antiquated website is a placeholder until I finish a proper one. (I'm also hoping the dastardly blooduckers at Hugedomains.com that stole my original url—aaronteasdale.com—relinquish it soon so I can once again set up shop there.) 


Contact: 406-529-3126 / digaaron at gmail.com

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